Work Samples

Dispatches from the River

This is a video screen capture of an interactive, multimedia, educational kiosk that teaches its target audience about the Schuylkill (pronounced SKOOL-kil) River and some of the elements of the river’s ecology that are regularly sampled and analyzed.

Sharon Handy of Handymakes did all the research and writing. She also chose the images and nature/wildlife video. Joe Terrana composed and recorded the music. I did everything else.

In lieu of the YouTubed video capture, you can view the presentation directly by clicking here. Note that it was optimized to be displayed locally from a computer that sits in the heart of the kiosk, so it may or may not play smoothly on your system and it’ll take some time for the media to download. It’s best viewed using Chrome.

Art Appreciation Intro

A 2.5D intro animation. I used a super high-res image of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” from Wikimedia for this one.

Biology Course Intro

This biology intro was written and storyboarded by a coworker and handed to me for animation. It combines 3D and 2.5D animation.

Good Morning Multiverse – Weather

This was a just-for-fun project that a friend and I put together for DragonCon TV (long story). She wrote the script and did the voiceover. I did everything else.